KAVON    A prototype store for a women's casual clothing brand located in Beijing, China. The concept of the store is composed of a single curved wall that guides the flow of traffic. The painted horizon line wall-covering creates visual continuity between shopping zones for the customer. In addition to the wall there are two feature spaces; the basket woven room that highlights latest fashions, and the petal room that displays evening wear. The idea behind this approach was that the brand could adapt different design combinations within in 200 locations.         
 Printemps  The oldest department store in Paris, brings in mass amounts of tourist each year and just as many devoted locals. YP took on three floors of renovation and brought a fresh approach to a historic monument to Paris. My personal design concepts were for Longchamp, Lancel and Luxury watches. The gilts and glam of Parisian style was updated with deep mahogany woods and polished stainless steel opening framing. 
 LANE CRAWFORD MACAU  Concept design proposal for Lane Crawford Luxury department store. In the heart of China's Las Vegas, Lane Crawford's concept would shine like a diamond. From dynamic spaces to exaggerated forms, the initial design consisted of three floors of retail luxury. My personal exploration of the façade concluded with floating screens behind a glass pane with led signage. The results were a classic and timeless approach to the Lane Crawford identity.