J.Kipnis in the house

We all were anticipating the worst…. anticipating a malicious architecture critique. A man we were told could make a student shiver while presenting.

But what we really got was a brilliant professor who was honest and humorous. I mean how could you argue with a man who watches the Simpsons and can solve any math or physic question, and give a lecture about post-modernism in the simplest way. Jeffrey Kipnis means architecture and that’s what he gave us.

I was lucky to be one of the few students to present my work. I went in knowing that what I have been doing has only been striking to myself and he’s seen it all but for me it was about …. Well, it’s not everyday Kipnis comes around to see your work.

In the middle of my presentation he even indulged me; yep we talked about fashion and Alexander McQueens latest shoes that my friend is an example of DRIEVE.

Too bad he had to leave….sigh

Shida SalehiComment